Personalized Bridesmaid Gifts For The Partiers & Fitness Nuts In Your Life

Your bridesmaids do so much for you in the weeks and months leading up to your wedding that it can be difficult to figure out the right way to say thank you. You can always spend hours searching for that perfect, humorous thank you card, but sometimes, you really need completely personalized bridesmaid gifts to convey what you want to say. This is an article on how to shop for those two bridesmaids that no wedding is complete without: the fitness nuts and party-all-nighters who ensure you work hard and play harder.

In all seriousness, what follows are gift options you might want to consider getting those special ladies who kept you sane and made you smile during one of the most important times in your life.

For The Partier

For that crazy, wild one in your group, thank-you cards and bottles of wine jus aren't going to cut it. To really show her how much she means to you, you want to get her something fun that you both know will actually get put to use.

Shot glasses or beer mugs emblazoned with your friend's name are a wild and thoughtful way to show her that you not only appreciate her, but that you love her for her little quirks as much as you do for qualities as a friend. You might even consider getting her a cute flask in pink or purple for those days when there just isn't time to go to the bar. Whatever the case, there are plenty of personalized bridesmaid gifts for the tipsy one of your group.

For The Fitness Nut

Now that you've got the wild one taken care of, there's bound to be a fitness guru in your special group of girls that deserves a gift just as personalized and unique. You have a lot to thank this girl for, from dragging you to the gym after those hard breakups, to helping you shed those extra pounds so you could squeeze into your dress.

The fitness nut in your life deserves a personalized bridesmaid gift that shows her you appreciate all the incessant nagging that kept you fit, and probably helped keep your cholesterol down too. A nice pair of yoga pants with her name emblazoned on the side will let her know you appreciate all the times she called you up for those early morning hikes. As well, you might look into getting her a personalized hoodie to keep her cozy on those late night runs, or an embroidered robe for those days at the spa.

In the end, you know that they'll love whatever you get them, but taking the time to find unique, personalized bridesmaid gifts will let them know that you truly appreciate all they do for you.