Here Comes The Bride: Finding The Perfect Wedding Venue

Your wedding day is perhaps one of the most important events you'll experience in your lifetime. Everything feels like it has to be perfect, from the gown to the cake and reception. When it comes to choosing a place to say your vows, there are plenty of options available for a venue. Before you sign on the dotted line, here are some options to consider for your special day.

Location, Location, Location

Most couples choose to be married in the current area they live in. Consider how many guests you plan to invite and how many of those would have to travel to get there. If you live far from home, it might be better to wed in your hometown so that more friends and family can attend. Some couples opt for a small ceremony at a resort island and only invite a few close friends. It really is up to you, but consider the location and others you plan to invite before making a final decision.

Church vs Unique Venue

The decision to be married in a church can often rely heavily on your religious views. While churches were traditionally the venue of choice for most couples, many people today are opting for more unusual locations. Some examples include a beach, museum, park, or even a boat! Sit down with your better half to discuss which venue they prefer and then narrow those choices down. Consider things like cost and logistics as well. Many places charge a hefty fee to reserve their venue for a wedding, while churches may be either free or very inexpensive.

Consider the Weather

While you cannot predict exactly what the weather will be on your wedding day, it can definitely be a factor if the venue is outside. Consider the time of year you plan to get married before you decide on the venue. A beach wedding is great for May through August, but it might not be so pleasant in the fall or winter. Fall weddings have plenty of options, however, such as vineyards or beautiful hotels with elaborate courtyards.

Don't Forget the Reception

You can opt to have your wedding reception at a separate venue, or choose to do a combination with both the ceremony and reception at the same location. Many places offer package deals for both, which might save you a bit of cash in the long run. Unless your chosen venue doesn't come with a reception option, it's a good idea to find somewhere that provides both. This will make the transition from ceremony to reception easier for your guests, and save everyone involved some time and headaches.

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