Wedding Favors For Your Destination Wedding – What To Take And What Not To

Every couple wants their friends and family to remember the fantastic time they had celebrating their wedding with them. Besides the long lasting pictures that serve as a great reminder, couples want to give wedding favors as a take-home gift and special thank you to their guests. If you have planned a destination wedding, however, there are some things you shouldn't take and some you might want to think about using instead of traditional favors.

What Not to Take

There are some wedding favors that are traditional and make lovely gifts, but they don't travel well. If you are taking your wedding favors with you to your wedding locale, you must think of how to pack and ship these items. They must be lightweight and not breakable. Some examples of what not to take as wedding favors to a destination wedding include:

  1. Chocolate, candy, or candles. These items can all melt, and if you are using candles in glass holders, the glass could break en-route.

  2. Anything heavy. You will not only have your vacation clothes with you; you will also have your wedding attire, so if you plan on taking items like music boxes, snow globes or something similar, it will get pretty heavy to carry.

  3. Items that might be taxed. You will have to check with the country you are traveling to, but some items might be taxed upon entry. In the same token, some items might not be allowed into the country, such as some food items.

What Makes a Good Favor?

There are a few items that make great favors for a destination wedding. They are lightweight for traveling and can be useful and fun too. They can be something that will last a long time and not something that the guest will simply put away and never take out again. Some ideas for wedding favors you can take on the road with you include:

  1. Luggage Tags – These are great for guests who are fairly frequent travelers or even those who only travel on special occasions. The majority of people simply use throw-away tags, but if you give them luggage tags they can use again, they will not only remember your wedding, but it's a useful gift that saves them money and time in the long run.

  2. Bookmarks – If you have a lot of readers on your guest list, then bookmarks can make a great wedding favor. You can design them yourself and have them printed if you like, or you can choose a beach design or something special that can commemorate your day.

  3. Travel-Sized Soaps – If you have a soap shop in town, or you are crafty, you can make your own travel-sized soaps. There are plenty of kits you can buy at craft stores so you don't have to make the soap from scratch, but it can be fun to design, choose the scent and pick the shapes for a travel-sized soap. They are more personal than some traditional favors.

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