Boutique Wedding Dress Trends For A Spring 2018 Wedding

Boutique Wedding Dress Trends for a Spring 2018 Wedding

Whether you plan a small, intimate ceremony or a blow-out celebration, your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to share the love with your loved ones. As you plan your big day, pay special attention to your wedding dress. You have almost an unlimited set of options for your wedding dress, so take advantage of them. A wedding dress boutique is perfect for finding a dress that represents your style while still reflecting the latest trends in wedding styles. Here are some of the styles found on runways for Spring 2018 wedding season.


While pearls have long been a staple of wedding dress styles, the Spring 2018 bridal fashions have taken pearls to a new level. Pearls that used to adorn only a bride's ears or neckline have been stitched into bodices in lace-like patterns, layered for a textured effect, or even appliqued sparely for a soft, twinkly effect. The classic button-back pearls have also found a place on the modern bride.


The trend this season is to ditch the veil, incorporating a delicate cape to your wedding dress instead. This winter, we're sure to see heavy capes keeping brides' shoulders warm. In the spring, designs appear to favor the more delicate capelet, with lace details, see-through layers, and even floor-length numbers that add an element of drama to a wedding dress.


Statement bows are the perfect detail for the perfect dress. Designers are putting bows everywhere on their Spring 2018 designs, from sashes that trail elegantly behind a bride to details on sleeves, capes, even all over. Try a contrasting color or coordinating fabrics to create a cohesive look.


Channel Audrey Hepburn in a dress that's both flowing ball gown and slimming sheath. Overskirts appeared on runways in all forms, from floaty tulle to draped taffeta tiers. You don't need to choose between a mermaid skirt and a princess gown with a dress that's two in one. Daring brides are even experimenting with skirt lengths, allowing a more conservative overskirt to cover tea-length skirts and even miniskirts.


Traditionally, corsets appeared underneath a bride's dress, but designers this season are bringing them to the forefront. A lingerie-inspired dress is a bold look for brides, but one that works when designers pair the antique top with delicate and simple fabrics like tulle and silk.

As you search for your perfect bridal look, you'll find many wedding dressed for sale. Use your own personal style and the latest trends to find a style that's perfect for your perfect wedding. To learn more, contact a company like The Steel Magnolia