Beyond Personalized Vows—5 Unique Ways To Express Your Love At Your Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony should be personal and romantic. After all, it's a celebration not only of your unique love story but also of two distinct and amazing individuals. Fortunately, modern brides and grooms have a variety of fun new ways to make their wedding truly memorable. 

Here are 5 beautiful and romantic ways to do just that.

A Moment of Silence. Have you lost beloved members of your family or circle of friends? Then take a moment to remember them during your ceremony. You may want to include specific names of grandparents, special friends, or extended relatives that can't be there, or you could suggest that everyone think of their lost loved ones during this moment of silence.

Take it All In. Be sure to stop and take a minute to soak in all the love and friendship being displayed by everyone in attendance. Look out toward the attendees, the beautiful decorations, the amazing scenery, and all the preparations you've made to be in that moment in time. And appreciate it all, even if only once during this busy day. For added romance, ask a loved one to offer a blessing from the audience to the bridal couple. 

Start a Tradition. Do you love old family traditions but don't have any of your own? Then why not start one? Get a sacred or special book—anything from an ornate Bible to a scrapbook filled with photos of family love—and have all the guests sign it on their way in. Then add your names to the book when you get married. 

Create a Time Capsule. A time capsule is a great way to have fun with your ceremony and to celebrate it again in a few more years. Ask guests and those who can't attend to write a note or bring a special memento to your big day. Then, pass around a personalized box during the ceremony to place the items in. Seal it up and put it "on ice" until a big anniversary. Then, you can open it together—perhaps even at a party with many of the same guests who contributed! 

Tell Your Story. Your wedding is a love story, so share it during your ceremony. You could have the officiant tell highlights of your romance, share video or pictures on a screen, or even have loved ones tell pieces of your story from the audience. It's a great way to inject fun and romance, and it can be an interactive activity that gets everyone involved.

Any of these wonderful additions would surely make your ceremony more meaningful and more personal. Pick one that reflects your personalities and your love and use it to make your dream day come true.