Destination Beach Weddings: Tips for Trimming Your Guest List

Destination weddings are incredibly popular, as these offer opportunities for individuals to have a wedding with great weather conditions, luxurious amenities, and breathtaking backdrops. However, the downside to destination beach weddings is that these ceremonies have restrictions and space limitations, limiting the number of guests that can be invited. Couples must scale back on their guest list, but the good news is that this task doesn't have to be as difficult as you may think. Here are a few tips to help you trim that guest list.

Only Invite Your Immediate Family and Closest Friends

If you stick to inviting only your closest friends and immediate family, you can cut down your guest list significantly without offending too many people. If your immediate family is large, though, you may want to consider only inviting a couple of best friends and just your parents and siblings. If you have an immediate family that is unable to travel, you may want to consider live streaming the ceremony so your family at home is able to "attend" the wedding.

Don't Allow Plus-Ones

One way to trim the guest list is to not allow your guests to bring plus-ones. While it is important for everyone to fully enjoy themselves, there is no reason for your brother or sister to bring their boyfriend or girlfriend that they have been dating for a month. Plus-one invites should be reserved for those long-term relationships.

Consider Adults-Only

It isn't uncommon for weddings to be child-free, and if you are holding a destination beach wedding, you may want to consider allowing parents the option of having a child-free getaway. In many cases, there will be babysitting services close to the wedding venue, possibly at the resort itself.

Have a Ceremony at Home Later

If you hate the thought of not being able to invite everyone to your beach wedding, then you should stick to your destination wedding and then have a simple ceremony once you return home. This will allow you to have the wedding that you dreamed of while still being able to celebrate your marriage with everyone that you love at a later date once you return home from the wedding and honeymoon.

If you would like to learn more about exchanging vows with your loved one on the beach, contact various beach wedding venues at destinations of your choice. You will want to book early, as destination weddings are popular and venues will book quickly.