3 Tips For Picking A Wedding Venue That All Your Invitees Can Attend

Getting married is a special day that is all about you and your partner. However, you may want all your family and closest friends to attend the wedding. Many factors will determine how many invitees can attend, and only some of them will be out of your control. The wedding venue that you choose will play an important role in getting people to the wedding.

Unfortunately, you cannot expect everyone you invite to come. But you can pay attention to critical venue-related details that make it easier for family and friends to accept your invitation.

Date and Time

For the most part, you will find that picking a day on the weekend is your best bet for getting as many guests as possible. The main reason for choosing a weekend is that some guests will not need to take any time off work to make it to your wedding. This primarily applies to your local family, friends, and coworkers that do not need to do much or any traveling to come.

An ideal day to pick is Saturday because it gives guests a day to travel both before and after the wedding day. This way, someone on a tight schedule can leave Friday after work and come home on Sunday without missing any work. Midday is an excellent time to hold the service because it will not require anyone to get up or stay up extra late to attend your ceremony and reception.


The location is important because you want it to be easy for your guests to get to your wedding. An ideal location is accessible by public transportation, especially if it prevents your guests from needing to rent a vehicle when coming in by airplane or train.

Also, you want your wedding venue to be easy to find for anyone who is driving. An easy way to make this a guarantee is to pick a venue close to a highway exit. This will allow you to provide easy-to-follow directions for anyone who does not look up directions on their own.


Along with considering an ideal date, time, and location, you must also consider accessibility. Some of your invitees may get around with a wheelchair, walker, or crutches. Others may not be able to walk much or stand for a long time. An excellent strategy is to prioritize venues that make it easy for anyone physically limited to access your wedding without a problem.

Picking a venue with these needs in mind will help you ensure all your invitees can attend. Contact a local wedding venue service to learn more.