Top Reasons To Hold Your Wedding And Reception At The Same Venue

Planning a wedding can be tons of fun. It's great to peruse the magazines in search of ideas and visit several retail centers to try on outfits, taste all kinds of food, and decide on your theme and decor. Another important factor to think about is where the nuptials will take place. Some people choose to host the wedding at one location and the reception elsewhere. However, there could be a better way. Read through the article below to see why it's so much more beneficial to hold your wedding and corresponding reception at the same venue. 

Add Convenience And Simplicity To Your Special Day

If you've ever had to plan a large-scale event of any kind, you are probably very aware of what it takes to pull it off. Even the best-laid plans can go awry and with so many moving parts to consider you definitely want to lighten your load as much as possible. Trying to shuttle guests from the chapel to the reception center requires a lot of work and if you aren't careful, some attendees can get lost during the transition. Having your wedding and reception at the same venue is the ultimate convenience. It can also lessen the chances that there will be far fewer people at the reception than you bargained for.

So much can happen when the group is going from one location to another. Some partygoers may not be as good with directions and they could find themselves on a completely different side of town. Others could get stuck in traffic and another motorist might even be involved in an accident. With so many potential risks to deal with it just makes perfect sense to increase safety measures by keeping the event in the same location.

Save Money

Booking two separate locations for the wedding and reception can be costly. Each center will likely require a deposit and this is a considerable sum when you're paying double. 

Instead of using up the money that you could be putting toward an amazing honeymoon, host your entire occasion at the same location. Once you realize how much you saved, you'll be glad you made the choice.

Some chapels go all out to make your day special. They may transform the wedding area while you and your loved ones enjoy wine and cheese. Walking back into the space and seeing the difference gives everyone a thrill and should set you up for an amazing celebration.

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