Wedding Favors For Your Destination Wedding – What To Take And What Not To

Every couple wants their friends and family to remember the fantastic time they had celebrating their wedding with them. Besides the long lasting pictures that serve as a great reminder, couples want to give wedding favors as a take-home gift and special thank you to their guests. If you have planned a destination wedding, however, there are some things you shouldn't take and some you might want to think about using instead of traditional favors.

Often-Overlooked Details When Planning An Outdoor Wedding

Many women have thought about the day they will get married since they were small girls. For some, these wedding dreams include lavish outdoor ceremonies surrounded by Mother Nature's most beautiful decor. Although outdoor weddings are popular, they do present some unique challenges for wedding planners. Here are three all-important details that are often overlooked when it comes to planning an outdoor ceremony and reception. Taking the time to ensure you incorporate these details into your wedding planning will help your next outdoor ceremony go smoothly.

3 Great Winter Wedding Table Decorations

If you are getting married this winter, and are serving food at your wedding, make sure that you don't forget about decorating the food tables. You want the food tables to look as good as the rest of your reception areas; with the right decorations on your food table, you can make your reception area look cohesive and united. Here are the different decorating elements your winter wedding food table need.

Three Elegant Decorating Ideas For Your Wedding Ceremony

When it comes to planning your wedding, decorating the space for your reception is easy. Coming up with creative options for decorating the ceremony space can be a bit more difficult. Here are a few ideas you can use to bring your own personal touch to your church, chapel or ceremony space. Custom Aisle Runners Instead of opting for the traditional plain aisle runner, consider a custom runner that shows off your personal sense of style.

Planning A Wedding In The Near Future? Save Money By Purchasing A Cheap Wedding Package In Vegas

Planning a wedding can be quite hectic and expensive. You can have a wonderful wedding without spending a fortune if you consider getting married in Las Vegas. There are many great wedding packages (such as those offered by A Little White Wedding Chapel) that are very affordable and still allow you to have the beautiful wedding you have always dreamed about having. The following guide walks you through a few things you may not know are often included in the cheap wedding packages that are often offered in Las Vegas.